Choose Ecit as your IT partner

When you are running a company, there is many balls to cath in the air, and therefore there is always a lot of things to sort out. With a lot on your plate and a limited amount of hours a daty, the IT part of your company can sometimes become an overwhelming burden on top of everything else. 

You could there consider outsourcing your IT, which is a way to create a partnership where the IT burden of your company gets handed over to an external partner, who will support your IT, so you can direct your focus on other important matters. 

Ecit offers a safe solution for your company, which will be tailored to fit your needs and your companys size. With top safety, Ecit is a strong IT partner, whom you can hand over your IT to. Check out the website IT-Outsourcing and see more, or read this article and learn more about Ecit and IT outsourcing. 

Five reasons to choose Ecit

Ecit itself are confident in their services and are sure that they can offer your company a safe and professionel IT partnership. They provide you the following five reasons to choose Ecit as your IT partner:

  1. At Ecit, your company will receive a consulant, who knows your company and will be available for any question or any need. 
  2. Your company receives a tailored solution which fits your companys needs.
  3. Ecit utilises their own systems and programs, so you will get an independent partner from any external partners. 
  4. You are guaranteed the newest programs and the newest systems with Ecit.
  5. Ecit is a green partner with a focus on sustainable solutions.

The best service at Ecit

With Ecit, your company will get a solution, which is tailored to your companys specific needs. The price is always fair and based on the services your company actually uses. Your company will be in 100 percent control over anything related to IT and decision about your companys IT. Ecit offers seven layers of security, whih guarantees your comapny the best IT safety. 

Ecit is a green partner who offers sustainable server solutions. Additionally, Ecit has its own datacenter, so there is no need for any external partners, which gives you a more direct link with your IT partner. 

Three facts about Ecit

  1. Ecit has more than 400 IT experts spread around the North. 
  2. Ecit has more than 25 years of experience within IT serving and outsourcing.
  3. Ecit has 8 locations spread all over the North. 



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